How to Write Gooder

Haha, I shall say this first, irony intended ;P

Anywaaaays! How’s everyone doing?

This week, I learned in class how to be a better writer. Writing is one of the greatest abilities of man because through writing, we are able to document information and apply feelings and emotion into our great works of literature. Just look at Shakespeare, the majority of his poems and plays were about things he most likely experienced in his life. Where else did he get his ideas? Experiencing life is one of our inspirations that allow us to be who we are. I’m guessing that Shakespeare was always falling in love with multiple women and wrote poems and plays just for them. He would describe her beauty and her characteristics he loved about the woman. His language was floral and extremely descriptive. Here are three of the multiple qualities of a great writer in this post:

1. Why am I writing?

How on earth can you write if you don’t have a subject or purpose? My English teacher once told me to write when I’m feeling a strong emotion, especially anger. Being angry means you are usually against some opposing force. When you write while you’re angry, you could possibly come up with more ideas, be more creative, or even write something that was supposed to have 500 words but accidentally wrote 129870985723495827403857 words! Or, when your angry, your thoughts become clouded and its hard to think. Not many people write better when they are angry, it’s probably just me. Just try to find a good emotion for you to write in. Let your emotions flow into your writing and it’ll show. You always need to know what you are writing about or else your writing would have no purpose.

2. Addressing your Audience.

You need to know who you are writing to; whether it’s millions of people across the world, or just to your best friend. By knowing who you’re writing to, it changes your writing drastically. If you are writing to multiple people, you need to be aware of their feelings, reaction, be aware of the content of how you write, and many other factors. If you are writing to just a friendly and close group of people, your writing would have more thought to it or be more joking.

3. The tone.

This one is my favorite one because your tone in your writing show’s how to feel about a certain subject. Tone is equivalent to emotions. For example:

Dear Best Friend 4EVA,

OMG! GUESS WHAT!? I GOT AN A ON ALL OF MY FINALS! YAAAAAAAAAAY! I can’t believe it! It was so easy. I bet you got A’s on your finals as well. School this year was GREAT. All the teachers were extremely funny and very intellectual. I can’t wait until next year! I hope I get great teachers!

From, Timothy

(Next school year. I want to tie these two letter just for fun : D )

Dear Katie,

UGH! First day of school and I’m already 65 MINUTES LATE! As I calmly walked into my chemistry class, the teacher started taking role. I realized my name WAS NOT CALLED and asked what was the problem. SHE SAID MY CHEMISTRY CLASS WAS IN 0 PERIOD AND IT WAS CURRENTLY 1ST PERIOD. I wasn’t notified that I had a 0 period which is why I came late! I hastily grabbed my schedule, dashed out of the chemistry class, and ran towards to my AP European History class (aka. AP Euro). As I ran into the class, my teacher was saying vocab words. CRAP, I FORGOT THAT THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL HAD A VOCAB QUIZ. Thankfully, my AP Euro teacher told me I could take it tomorrow. He told me to go to the teacher’s lounge to wait for the quiz to be over. When 1st period was about to end, my AP Euro teacher ran into the teacher’s lounge and told me to come in. Right when I sat in my assigned seat, THE BELL SIGNALLING THE END OF FIRST PERIOD RANG! As I trudged out of the room, my friends started laughing at me. I wondered what was so funny and they told me that my AP Euro FORGOT ABOUT ME IN THE TEACHER LOUNGE. THAT EXPLAINS WHY I WAS LEFT IN THERE FOR SUCH A LONG TIME! So yea, that’s how my first day of school went. I hope you had a better one because mine couldn’t have been any worse.

From, Timothy

As you can see, I was angry in the second letter to Katie because 1. anger allows me more detailed writing 2. this actually happened to me. Literally. Back to tonality. There was a huge difference between the first letter and the second one. The first letter definitely had a calmer, happier, and joyous tone to it. The second letter I totally butchered it. It was filled with annoyance, anger, and hate. Also, according to Katie (I try to keep my info similar to my experience,meaning Katie is a real person), she said the similarity of both letters was the tone. According to her, my tone was some sassy drag queen…oops. I think I got really excited with my writing. Oh well, at least it shows how emotion effects your writing!

If you were wondering, all three of these points are all every similar because they are fundamental parts of a written master piece. Writing is a beautiful thing. Just follow the steps and maybe your writing will be enhanced! I hope that you guys apply these 3 tips on writing and your writing will be amazing!

I can’t really find a song about writing. When I searched it, all I found were kindergartener and and elementary songs about writing. There weren’t any good songs like the one I used in Mathmaticious. The best one I found was this one. WARNING: It’s not exactly professional and scholarly, but it’s really catchy and clever:

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