Something Else About Inequality

When you hear the word “inequality,” what do you first think of?

When I think about that word, the first thing that comes to mind is slavery. One of the darkest blemishes in US history is the enslavement of African Americans, which ultimately led to the Civil War between the Union and Confederates. And of course, war means loss of lives and one of the shocking truths of the American Civil War is that this war caused the most casualties to American citizens in any war we have participated in.

Continuing my thought process, I think about U.S. history again, but this time it deals with Native Americans. The people who initially staked their claims to the American lands, but Europeans forcing them off into their Trail of Tears. The first settlers from Europe to the New World killed Native Americans, betrayed them, and took over their land out of pure greed and the intoxication of opportunity at the cost of other people’s lives.

trail of tears2

Another event that in history that really represents inequality is Nazi Germany and the genocide of Jews in the Holocaust. This is the worst of all example of inequality because Jews were treated terribly and if you have read the “Diary of Anne Frank” or “Night” by Elie Wiesel, only then will you scratch the surface of what it was like to experience the living hell the Jews had to go through. Children were separated from their parents, people were TESTED ON for cruel scientific experiments, and Jews living in hiding felt  the constant presence of fear and paranoia of when will be their last day of on Earth. Some Jews took their own life, not wishing to give their consent to the Nazis.

I could list more instances in history where inequality is present, but this got me thinking: Everything I’m listing about inequality is negative. negativeIs there something else to inequality that can change our perspective of it? Instead of thinking in the pessimistic version of inequality, I thought about the definition of inequality.

I’m taking part in The Daily Post challenge of Blog Action Day. I just realized that Blog Action Day was on the 16th and I’m posting this on the 18th (oops?), but I’ll still participate in it. The theme was on inequality, and I wanted find a better definition of “inequality,” a nicer and kinder way to view this word. My definition of “inequality” is having characteristics that other people don’t have; diversity. So many definitions of the word “inequality” from official dictionaries or on the internet stress on social disparity, inadequacy, injustice, and discrimination. But all those 4 definitions are based on the hatred or jealousy of other people for being different from what is accepted as normal. In reality, there is no normal way of life. I believe that inequality also means that people are unique, different, and perfect in their own way. No one is at same level of expertise as another person. We all have similar tastes and difference in opinions.

Unity in diversity.

 unity in diversity

Lol…I just remember that there are inequalities in mathematics — just a random thought.


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