Painting With Water Colors, Glue, and Salt


This is the last blog post for school, meaning this is also for the English Final, YIKES! AND ALSO, today is my 16th birthday, so I thought it would be fitting to post on this day! For the Final, our English teacher told us that we had to do a quick 4 minute presentation on things that are the Best, the Worst, or a “How to…” presentation. I was going to do a presentation on why “Music is the Best” but I decided to do something different and I wanted to do a “How to Paint with Water Colors, Glue and Salt.” If you’re thinking “Whaaaaaaaaaaat? How can you paint with glue and salt!?” Well, I’ll show you how! Also, I got this idea from SweetHappyLife and here’s the link to this awesome website filled with crafts that are SUPER easy to make!

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Gonna Fly


Has anyone heard of the cliche “Never giving up?” Or something close to that? Well, some people may think cliches are boring and too straight forward to take seriously, but I think that they are the gates to human truth. To “never give up” requires confidence, dedication, and positivity. I mean, who doesn’t want any of these? In class we watch a classic movie called “Rocky” which is about wrestling. I personally don’t like wrestling because of the violence and the blood, but you really got to admire the dedication that wrestlers have to put into their career, no, hobby. They are passionate about winning and fighting. Here’s the song that I’ve chosen for this blog and it came straight from the movie “Rocky,” “Gonna Fly” or also called “Rocky’s Theme.”

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Hello Everyone!

Our class had finally finished “The Count of Monte Cristo” and so many emotions are conflicting inside me. So I thought to myself, how could I summarize the entirety of “The Count of Monte Cristo” in one song. It was extremely difficult to try to narrow it all down to one single song, but I think I’ve got it…hopefully. At the end of “The Count of Monte Cristo,” Dantes delivers revenge to all his betrayers: Fernand Mondego’s wife and son left him because they didn’t want to live under a dishonored name and Fernand committed suicide; Danglars is forced to live in poverty and has to feel the burden of not knowing where he is going to get his next meal;  Caderousse was literally back stabbed by his ally and was killed by his greed; and Villefort, the unfair and scadalous judge, was driven to insanity because his wife and child died. If you read through all the hardships these people had to endure and thought “whoa…this Dantes guy… he seems a bit to harsh.” I agree, and so did Dantes. From the past blog, I talked about how Dantes began to doubt his entire plot. As the book progresses, Dantes chooses to marry his servant who had faithfully served and loved Dantes. The song I chose for the ending is “Spectrum” by Zedd, but I’ll be referring to the acoustic version:

This is the electronic version, but I like the acoustic versions better:

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Say Something


On a continuation of “The Count of Monte Cristo” (amazing book. read it. not a choice, especially because I’m being forced to read it in school but I made it a choice to finish the book before the class did…oops), there is a dramatic part between the main character and the fiance he had left for at least a decade. Edmond Dantes, or the Count of Monte Cristo, re-meets his old fiance, Mercedes and they talk about the pain, the rift that was caused by betrayal, and redemption. I think the best song that expresses the feelings of this scene is “Say Something” by A Great Big World featuring Christina Aguilera, the song that has made countless people cry:

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Steve Jobs

Hello everyone!

Remember the blog post I did a few months back about Orphans and What If projects? And I applied the song “Hey Brother” by Avicii? If not, I’ll provide a short summary in this post, but you should check out the older post! If so, then here’s a part twooo!!!

In English class, actually, not English class, but its a humanities class. We do read books and discuss about them and write essays, but my teacher applies books in a way to benefit life and make our lives more worth living. This year, he decided to try something new which is the What If or DIY project. We were separated into groups of our pick and my group consisting of other bloggers decided to raise the awareness of orphans!  This is our contact information:

Our group decided that we should create a Facebook page in order to promote awareness among the teenagers about orphans. What we thought of was: what is the best way to catch a teenager’s attention? Phones, Smartphones. Who created them? Steve Jobs! Know what else? He was an orphan as well.

 We’re not that good with technology and editing, but we tried! This is our video with information of Steve Jobs. Please try to share this video if possible. Since this is also a music blog, I found something really awesome on YouTube called “Thank You, Steve.” It’s an amazing remixed tune that is made with ONLY SOUNDS FROM APPLE PRODUCTS and excerpts from his speeches! You should definitely listen to it and Steve’s inspirational quotes!

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Bills, Bills, (and more) Bills

Hello everyone!

How many of you guys know a person who keeps asking for free stuff from you? You’re homework? You’re lunch? Borrowing money and never giving it back? In “The Count of Monte Cristo” by Alexandre Dumas, there are so many of those “free-loaners” that I wonder how much did they steal from their “friends.” Since Caderousse is dead and out of the picture, the next greedy and money-centered person is Baron Danglars, an extremely wealthy banker. To me and probably every other who reads this book can just tell that Danglars is an annoying and self-centered person who only cares about saving money. This is how I’ll show my hatred towards Danglars: “Bills, Bills, Bills” by Destiny’s Child.

The video above is the original song, but I feel like the Glee version is more suitable for “The Count of Monte Cristo” because the Glee version is sung by males. The reason why I like the Glee version better for this blog post is because I imagine all the men constantly complaining and getting frustrated because Danglars keeps asking more money, keeps withholding money from charities, and tries to cheat people by giving them a lower amount of money than they actually deserve. (Even though the lyrics are for females to sing…but think of it in the context that it’s about guys who are mad at each other because of one’s constant need and financial reliance on the other)

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Hi guys!

Good news. Internet is back in my house! If you didn’t read from my last two blog posts, I’ve been internet-less for 2 weeks. We called someone to go to our house this week to fix it and it’s working faster than the older internet! Another piece of good news: ITS SPRING BREAK! I really need this break to study for AP Exams coming up and to relax my mind from school for a while. The only bad news is I’m back home in California from Louisiana :(. I really want to share with you guys what happened over Louisiana and tell you guys of my experiences there. I also have pictures of the places we went to and links to the songs we sang below! Just click that “Continue reading” button! 😀

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Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Hello everyone!

ITS THE WEEK BEFORE SPRING BREAK!!!!! And here I am, still in the darned library because my internet at home won’t work and I have to go to the library in order to do my homework. Lucky for me, I’m going to Louisiana on March 10th to March 15th! Reason Why? My choir is going to be competing in the state of Louisiana, my choir teacher’s home state! We’re all beyond excited and we’ll be staying in New Orleans and experiencing the culture that is extremely different than Californian sun and beaches.

Back to English class though, we learned about how parents try to protect their child’s innocence by changing ad twisting the truth. Personally, I think people in general are just afraid of change sometimes. Change is new and different and we don’t really know what to expect. In class, we read a poem called “A Barred Owl” by Richard Wilbur. It talked about a girl being frightened by the call of an owl, but her parents tell her something else-a white lie-and comforts their child to sleep. Here’s the song I want to use to show change over time.

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Hi everyone!

I have a big problem at the moment. I’m currently at the library because the internet at my house STOPPED WORKING! I feel so deprived…I can’t check my homework…I can’t go on Facebook…I CAN’T BLOG! So here I am in the library at around 5PM, trying to get this blog post done.

Anyways, like I said before, I’m currently reading “The Count of Monte Cristo” by Alexandre Dumas. I know I’ve said many books are good in the past and what not, but this one is the real deal. According to my English teacher, even the seniors says that “The Count of Monte Cristo” was their favorite book; even though they read this book at a sophomore. Edmond Dantes, our main character, was betrayed but had made a full recovery from the back-stab and he is ready for action! He is disguising himself as, as you may guess, The Count of Monte Cristo. The new Count has come back with plans of revenge and has the wealth from his buried treasure to fund it all. I think a song should be used to congratulate Dantes/The Count for his come back…how about Secrets by One Republic?

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Happy! :D

What makes you happy?

Well, music and drawing makes me happy! Doing what you like and love is the essence of happiness. I watched a movie called “Raising Arizona” and it’s about a very odd, but loving couple that kidnaps a baby boy. Hi, the husband who has gone to jail multiple times, is married to Ed,  the police officer who continuously captures Hi and they both fall in love. After discovering Ed was infertile, Hi and Ed were both determined to get a child by kidnapping 1 of the 5 quintuplets from a rich family. This leads to multiple, humorous problems, but Hi and Ed love each other and felt as if their lives were complete when they kidnapped Junior, the baby. Happiness is what you make it, and it can come in many different forms.

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