Dreams Now, Goals Later

Just a “few things” I want to do in the future:

  1. Become a YouTuber to entertain, encourage and produce music
  2. Go to VidCon to meet my favorite YouTubers and make new friends
  3. Go to PlayList Live to meet my favorite YouTubers and make new friends
  4. Visit England to have a first-hand experience of a different culture and hopefully pick up their accent
  5. Visit New York parent-less and with my friends
  6. Visit Flordia parent-less and with my friends
  7. Scuba dive in the Great Barrier Reef and take pictures with an underwater camera
  8. Go whale watching and touch marine mammals
  9. Go to the Grand Canyon and go on a trail that requires staying overnight in a campground
  10. Go to Zion National Park and travel up the river
  11. Go to Yosemite National Park with my friends and get a sample of the water in a hot spring
  12. Go to Yellowstone National Park and see The Old Faithful geyser erupt
  13. Visit France and the Eiffel Tower and develope a French accent
  14. Go to a university to study a “good” major
  15. Relearn how to play the guitar and make musical covers
  16. Reach the max level of piano and the ability to ear play a song
  17. Go skydiving and take a selfie while falling
  18. Learn how to surf and use a GoPro to vlog the experience
  19. Go backpacking in a remote forest with friends
  20. Do the Camino de Santiago with friends
  21. See and record a meteor shower and camp in that area
  22. Learn how to dance hip hop to stay fit and healthy
  23. Learn how to become fluent and literate in Vietnamese and Spanish
  24. Eat less fast food and cook from home-grown vegetables, fruits, and herbs
  25. Learn survival skills on an island with a thriving jungle
  26. learn how to cast fishing nets
  27. get into the habit of geocaching and log where they are located
  28. Visit Australia and experience their unique wildlife
  29. Walk, run, and bike cross-country in the Vatican City
  30. Go ziplining in a dense jungle and vlog the event
  31. Go snowboarding and skiing at Mammoth
  32. See a forest completely filled with red leaves and camp there

Challenge: Accepted

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