Don’t Stop Believing

Hello everyone!

This week in class, our English teacher showed us this video about two African American boys, Malcolm Brickhouse and Jarad Dawkins, who want to start a boy band to express their feelings about life and relationships they don’t like. They’re are extremely talented boys who didn’t stop at anything to reach their goal. They are now doing gigs and playing their music in the streets. Here’s the video documenting about their success and dream.

They’re really inspirational in that they dreamed of making a band ever since that birthday party. Their big imagination then put into practice and now they can skillfully play the drubs and electric guitar. I’ve related this lesson to the song “Don’t Stop Believin'” by Journey. Here’s the original song (just in case people like the original and classic) and the Glee version of it (because I like Glee and how they make covers of songs).

I think that this song really relates to what we watched in class. The two boys had a dream, and they chased after it. In the documentary, both of them said that they didn’t want to be part of the norm and follow the status-quo. Not many people liked heavy metal or rock, but these two boys refused to follow the pop trends and decided to choose their own likes and dislikes. Their dream and goal really connects with this song.

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