Hi guys!

Good news. Internet is back in my house! If you didn’t read from my last two blog posts, I’ve been internet-less for 2 weeks. We called someone to go to our house this week to fix it and it’s working faster than the older internet! Another piece of good news: ITS SPRING BREAK! I really need this break to study for AP Exams coming up and to relax my mind from school for a while. The only bad news is I’m back home in California from Louisiana :(. I really want to share with you guys what happened over Louisiana and tell you guys of my experiences there. I also have pictures of the places we went to and links to the songs we sang below! Just click that “Continue reading” button! 😀

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One Summer’s Day

Hiya guys!
Not many people know the song “One Summer’s Day,” but it would be my pleasure to educate you guys on this amazing song. First of all, there is a movie called “Spirited Away” which is about a girl who is trapped in the land of spirits and earns an adventure of a lifetime and discovers true love. Its not that corny unless you’ve watched it. Anyways, the theme song of that amazing movie is “One Summer’s Day” and its one of my favorite songs composed by Joe Hisaishi, the mastermind of this wonderful piece. Please listen, close your eyes, and prepare to be whisked away on an amazing adventure.

I hoped you really like this song. If so, I have links to the movie and sheet music for my fellow piano plays listed below. I’m not exactly going to interpret this song, but how I felt and how the notes moved and flowed in my mind. Yes I’ll be basing it a little from the movie, similar to the “Song of the Caged Bird” (but it was a short clip, not movie), but I’m hoping that my insight on this will encourage others to watch this awesome and touching movie.
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