Jeremy Taraba

Disclaimer! This is not a goodbye because I’m terrible with goodbye’s. So think of these blog posts as a “thank-you-for-everything-that-you’ve-done-for-me-and-I’ll-never-forget-you” kind of thing. I will definitely see you again in the future so don’t you dare think that I’m just going to disappear from the surface of the Earth. If you want to read all the blog posts I’ve made about my “departure,” then please scroll down to “Categories” and pick “Timothy’s Letter to the Church.” This series of blog posts will be personal and only a select few will understand what I’m saying, so, sorry to those who have no clue of what I’m talking about!

Um…I’m not sure if you’ll be O.K. with me putting you on my blog and the internet in general, but what ever! 😀 Since I have a lot of people to talk about, I need to place a limit on how many words I’ll write for each person, so does a max of 800 words per person sound good? Including the “Disclaimer” that will be at the beginning and the introduction of each blog post? No? Well this is my blog so sucks for you 😛

As you can see, I’m trying to apply as much humor I can so that I’ll be able to publicly embarrass you aaaand make sure you don’t forget me. 😀 Don’t worry, I’ll save the last 100 words for a nice paragraph announcing my love for you. Let’s begin with the embarrassing moments shall we?

Awww, I’m gonna miss you JJ! T-T

  1. I share this event with you, as one of my most illegal things I’ve ever done -__- I title it as it “The Cabin BBQ.” (I still wonder what you guys were doing…) So me, Mat, and Andrew’s families decided to go to the mountains to celebrate New Years. Yay! And what made it better? You decided to tag along; so us 4 guys in the mountains. What could go wrong? I think the fire you guys started BEHIND OUR CABIN WHICH COULD HAVE BURNED THE ENTIRE FOREST!? You three decided it was a good idea to start a fire and then ROAST APPLES! you….idiots…. You three had genuine faces of pyromaniacs while I was just standing there horrified that you guys didn’t even take time to even prepare a fire pit! AND THEN, later that night, there was A FIRE IN THE NEAR BY CABINS. I was sooo freaked out that they might search our cabin and find the fire you guys started in the back of our cabin. I’m going to regret going camping with you guys in the future…
  2. This one is an awkward one “Jeremy Can Sing!?” We were preparing for a Special Song on Sunday. We, as in, Longlee and the Cherubs. You and Lukey were always at practice through, to play games on your phone in silence (but always ended up  distracting Matthew!). One eventful day came during practice and your mom said,”
    Hey! Why doesn’t Jeremy sing with you guys next Sunday?!”
    You just had a face of pure… horror? Disgust? We all thought you mom was joking…she wasn’t. That coming Sunday, you sand with us…with you mix sooo far away from your mouth.
  3. This one is one of my favorites, called “Bullet Seed!” Remember the annoying pokemon skill called Bullet Seed? 1. It does no damage what-so-ever, but more importantly 2. it’s annoying. Why am I talking about Bullet Seed you ask? Because remember the time we were last minute practicing for badminton for Sports Fest? Well, I remember most clearly the time I was test your “concentration” by throwing seeds are you and Matthew rapid fire. I’m gonna be honest: I aimed you more than Mat…sorry?
  4. This one is connected to the first one. Remember the time when there was just…pitiful snow? We gave up with sledding, which we paid for and then walked to the near by lake. After attempting to walk on the ice, we eventually broke off piece of the surface of the lake. Oh, I just remember, Andrew some how disappeared from us o.O. It was just me, you, and Mat walking on the ice. Then we found Andrew later…where did he go? Anyways, we picked up the sheets of ice, and then started taking photos with them. We were so weird as teenagers (wait…we’re still teenagers 😛 still weird)

Long story short, you are a great friend Jeremy. My favorite memories of you was when everyone would go home and we two were the only teens left at Church. Those were the best times because we don’t usually talk, normally even though we hang out a lot, but when we were alone, It felt really nice to talk to you and get to really know you. Your the type of person that strikes me as a fortune cookie sometimes. When you’re opened up, we find the treasure and wisdom that you have. But also like a fortune cookie, you spout random nonsense lawls. You’re an amazing person and I’m gonna miss you so much. Thanks for always being my friend and part of my family. I love you!

Songs to dedicate to Jeremy…umm, anime?

omg…there are so many to choose from!

I’ll just have to settle with the 2 most recent one I’ve watch.

Thank you Jeremy!

One Summer’s Day

Hiya guys!
Not many people know the song “One Summer’s Day,” but it would be my pleasure to educate you guys on this amazing song. First of all, there is a movie called “Spirited Away” which is about a girl who is trapped in the land of spirits and earns an adventure of a lifetime and discovers true love. Its not that corny unless you’ve watched it. Anyways, the theme song of that amazing movie is “One Summer’s Day” and its one of my favorite songs composed by Joe Hisaishi, the mastermind of this wonderful piece. Please listen, close your eyes, and prepare to be whisked away on an amazing adventure.

I hoped you really like this song. If so, I have links to the movie and sheet music for my fellow piano plays listed below. I’m not exactly going to interpret this song, but how I felt and how the notes moved and flowed in my mind. Yes I’ll be basing it a little from the movie, similar to the “Song of the Caged Bird” (but it was a short clip, not movie), but I’m hoping that my insight on this will encourage others to watch this awesome and touching movie.
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