Painting With Water Colors, Glue, and Salt


This is the last blog post for school, meaning this is also for the English Final, YIKES! AND ALSO, today is my 16th birthday, so I thought it would be fitting to post on this day! For the Final, our English teacher told us that we had to do a quick 4 minute presentation on things that are the Best, the Worst, or a “How to…” presentation. I was going to do a presentation on why “Music is the Best” but I decided to do something different and I wanted to do a “How to Paint with Water Colors, Glue and Salt.” If you’re thinking “Whaaaaaaaaaaat? How can you paint with glue and salt!?” Well, I’ll show you how! Also, I got this idea from SweetHappyLife and here’s the link to this awesome website filled with crafts that are SUPER easy to make!

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Music flows in my mind…


I drew this picture just to give you a little insight of what goes through my mind while I listen to music. I posted both the original and edited version. I love bombarding my pictures with tons of editing, but I also showed the original one just in case there are those people who like things natural. (Click the “Continue reading” button to see the natural one) Music creates so much inspiration…
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