Say Something


On a continuation of “The Count of Monte Cristo” (amazing book. read it. not a choice, especially because I’m being forced to read it in school but I made it a choice to finish the book before the class did…oops), there is a dramatic part between the main character and the fiance he had left for at least a decade. Edmond Dantes, or the Count of Monte Cristo, re-meets his old fiance, Mercedes and they talk about the pain, the rift that was caused by betrayal, and redemption. I think the best song that expresses the feelings of this scene is “Say Something” by A Great Big World featuring Christina Aguilera, the song that has made countless people cry:

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Hi guyz!
How was your week? I hope it was awesome. If not, have some Coldplay. The song I chose for the week is the awesome “Paradise” by Coldplay. What I like about Coldplay’s songs are that the majority of their songs are extremely metaphorical and the lyrics can always paint an image in your mind. “Paradise,” in particular, makes me imagine of a clear sun rise that tells me a brand new start of a great day. The song also reminds of of a great book I’m reading, but scroll past the usual post to read about the song’s relation to the book.

Soooo? What did you think? (sigh)…One of my favorite songs….
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