Hi guys!

Good news. Internet is back in my house! If you didn’t read from my last two blog posts, I’ve been internet-less for 2 weeks. We called someone to go to our house this week to fix it and it’s working faster than the older internet! Another piece of good news: ITS SPRING BREAK! I really need this break to study for AP Exams coming up and to relax my mind from school for a while. The only bad news is I’m back home in California from Louisiana :(. I really want to share with you guys what happened over Louisiana and tell you guys of my experiences there. I also have pictures of the places we went to and links to the songs we sang below! Just click that “Continue reading” button! 😀

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Expansion of Words

Hello everyone,
This week in school, we learned about the  literary technique of expanding one small word. It’s similar to what I do to music, I break each verse into miniature parts to expand and analyze it. For example, in my school choir, we recently sang a song called “Hope, Faith, Life, Love” by Eric Whitacre. This song consists of only 8 words. Yes, eight words. But they are extremely meaningful and are, you could say, attributes of a human.

The 8 words are: hope, faith, life, love, dream, joy, truth, and soul. Each word has a different sound and arrangement of notes that match the characteristics of each word.

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