Okaaaaay…now on a more serious tone, before school finished my class took the “A Tale of Two Cities” test on the entire book. I’m a little nervous about my score, but it’s break! (…I’ll worry about it after my two weeks of catching up on sleep) Anyways, “A Tale of Two Cities” by Charles Dickens is just, so amazing. SPOILER ALERT!!! I will have to spoil the ending in order to do this blog post; meaning if you don’t like spoilers, DON’T READ! (But, this is the best part of the entire book) This character is one of the most important characters in the book. Charles Dickens applies this character in his use of irony and this character feels deep down that he is a terrible person. This amazing character is Mr. Sydney Carton. The song that I would like to dedicate this character to is Mr. Carton. Carton thinks of himself as a lazy, worthless person that doesn’t deserve any love in him. He loves Lucie Manette, a main character seen as an angel, but is afraid of his own “darkness” and doesn’t want Lucie near him. This is one chapter, “A Man with No Delicacy” (Ch. 13 of Book the Second), where Carton pours his heart out telling Lucie that he loves her, but doesn’t deserve her. Lucie marries Charles Darney and a while later, Mr. Darney is captured and sentenced to be beheaded because he has noble blood in him; he was the next Marquis of the land. Carton comes up with a plan to rescue Mr. Darney because he feels that Charles Darney gives Lucie the life that she deserves. Charles Darney has the same physical features as Sydney Carton and Carton uses this to his advantage. Carton sneaks into the prison that held Mr. Darney and drugs Darney to make up stop resisting Carton’s help. Darney is rescued, but for a price: Carton’s very own head. He is by far, my favorite character and I bet that other people would choose him to be their favorite character. Also, when I look at the lyrics, I realized that there are parts in the song that kind-of summarizes the book. Well, here’s “Demons” by Imagine Dragons…

I posted above both the music video and a lyric video because I’m not sure if people like watching music videos of popular songs. Music videos are basically like mini-movie clips which acts out the song and you know what people say: a picture is worth a thousand words – it’s your choice whether or not to watch the music video. Here are the lyrics and let’s start analyzing!

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The A Team

Hello everyone  : )

This post is going to be a little different then my past posts. I’m going to try a realistic view on Earth and one of the problems that need to be fixed. I think that blog posts should have uplifting thoughts and morals, but since life isn’t perfect, there should be some to explain problems in the world that are difficult to control. “The A Team” by Ed Sheeran really dictates what I’m talking about. Please enjoy the song and keep an open and clear mind.

I hope this song gave you a small glimpse of hope and a realization of change that’s need to make a more loving community. Since this post is going to be a little different, I’m going to try a different format of my posts. I think this new format of my posts will improve my writing. Well, here goes.

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