Discouraging Encouragments

This usually happens to younger siblings. I’m pretty sure everyone receives this type of encouragement: it happens when another person tries to encourage you, but it makes you feel even worse. If you don’t know what I mean, I’ll explain it within two major examples.

First, don’t you find it annoying when you’re compared with someone you know that’s better than you, but rationalize by saying that person does the same things you do? I’m always compared to my other school friends who are super smart, takes 5-6 AP’s, and have 6.2 GPA’s (pretty sure I riled up those try-hards reading my blog post on how to get a 6.2 GP, no, just stop). But then, I tell my parents that they do all the same disapproving things that I do, “they procrastinate, they don’t study for tests, and they don’t sleep until 3AM and still get A’s, since they can do that, I can do that too!” (My life is a mess 😥 ) Also, I’m eldest sibling so I wouldn’t know, but I feel like lots of younger siblings are compared to older siblings a lot by their parents. It becomes so constant that even the eldest get annoyed. So yea, basically, stop using comparisons as encouragements, it doesn’t help, it just makes things even more awkward and makes you feel even worse.

Second, “if you don’t do this, you won’t go to college, then you won’t get a good-high-pay job, then you’ll end up homeless and on the streets.” This always comes up at dinner table conversations, usually started by you talking about school, and then continued by parents talking about school (which are two exact opposite things). I feel like this happens every night and my parents always tell me to “work harder!” or “do you best” and then followed by an “or else.” (So…annoying.)

So overall, the thing to take away from this lesson is avoid conversations around dinner tables. That’s probably where most of the annoying conversations start. Just stuff your mouth with tons of food and drink a large glass of water so that way you won’t have to respond to parental rhetorical questions.

Thanks for reading!

Ok fine, a real life tip. Ummm, don’t let other people discourage you and continue doing what makes you happy. You’ll make decisions in your life that you’ll regret, but think of each failure and disappointment as steps that’ll bring you closer to the balcony of triumph.

Sylvie Nguyen

Disclaimer! This is not a goodbye because I’m terrible with goodbye’s. So think of these blog posts as a “thank-you-for-everything-that-you’ve-done-for-me-and-I’ll-never-forget-you” kind of thing. I will definitely see you again in the future so don’t you dare think that I’m just going to disappear from the surface of the Earth. If you want to read all the blog posts I’ve made about my “departure,” then please scroll down to “Categories” and pick “Timothy’s Letter to the Church.” This series of blog posts will be personal and only a select few will understand what I’m saying, so, sorry to those who have no clue of what I’m talking about!

Um…I’m not sure if you’ll be O.K. with me putting you on my blog and the internet in general, but what ever! 😀 Since I have a lot of people to talk about, I need to place a limit on how many words I’ll write for each person, so does a max of 800 words per person sound good? Including the “Disclaimer” that will be at the beginning and the introduction of each blog post? No? Well this is my blog so sucks for you 😛

As you can see, I’m trying to apply as much humor I can so that I’ll be able to publicly embarrass you aaaand make sure you don’t forget me. 😀 Don’t worry, I’ll save the last 100 words for a nice paragraph announcing my love for you. Let’s begin with the embarrassing moments shall we?

  1. One of my earliest embarrassing memories of us involved Ms. Mimi. And by the mention of her name *shivers* it’s probably bad. Don’t worry, it doesn’t deal with your countless mistakes on piano recitals. It deals with the beverage choices of Ms. Mimi. One workshop night, she wanted to give us drinks and we both said sprite. Then she left the kitchen. After taking an mouthful of the carbonated drink, our eyes lit up. You forcefully swallowed the drink, I spit mine back into the cup. Then I said,
    “Umm…I think this is diet.”
    When, with faces of disgust, we didn’t touch our drinks afterwards.
  2. This awkward moment I recall from Friday night on August 29th when we had a Miranda Sings break down. We were eating the Korean barbeque and I put too much hot sauce on mine. So in my best Miranda Sing accent, I exclaimed “ITS SPICYYYY!” Then we both start talking in Miranda Sings accent, looking like total idiots LOL. I looked over towards Tiffanie and gave us the most disapproving face ever. I’m so ashamed…
  3. I title this next awkward moment as “I WILL PREVAAAAIL!!!” This is one of my favorite memories together. When we would play cards and Egyptian Wrap/Rap, idk, I would always be the first close to dying (you guys were mean at this game 😦 ). Then I would say in my creepiest and hissing voice,
    “I will prevaaaail….I will PREVAAAAAAAIL!!!”So yea, one thing led to another, and I would make a miraculous come back and win the game! (HA TAKE THAT LOSERS! I HAVE PREVAILED!)
  4. This moment I mark as your lowest moment, and I can’t even believe I supported you… I title this as: Scandalous Pool Side Photo-shoot. If you’re wonder if I still have all of them, yes. I do. And I regret everything… I think staying in the jacuzzi for too long does something to people’s mind. Don’t worry. I won’t release any of these private photos. I just still can’t understand what was going through our minds when we took these… “provocative” photos.

Yay, this is the part where I start crying and telling you that you’re my bestie. Sylvie Nguyen, I first want to thank you so much for protecting me from Steven and him trying to eat me. I link to think you of my protector. You’ve always been trying to protect my innocence and from video games. You’re always so encouraging. I’m gonna miss your voice and you forgetting how to sing alto and making up a random harmony to cover it up.  You’re a great person and a great friend. I totally understand why Faith if your best friend. You’re dependable, you’re friendly (enough :P), but most of all, you are encouraging. That’s what I’ve love about you the most. At every sports fest, I can hear you cheer on the members of your teammates and even the opposing team. When I was in Bible Challenge this year, I could pick out your voice (which was the loudest) and would always yell out positive things. You remind me of a sassy cheerleader, being the leader of Anaheim’s cheer. I hope you continue to be peppy and continuing your amazing talent for music and the piano. Thank you for being a part of family and I want you to know this: I love you!

Songs I dedicate to you…actually…I have no idea what song describes you the most…I think I’ll give you this one, be happy with it!

I also remember you viciously claiming that you hear Shower by Becky G first sooo here yah go!