Count on Me

Sorry for blog posting so late!!

I’m posting this late in the night because I feel like I need to post something on one of the best days of my life!I’m extremely exhausted from Valentine Grams! In my school, people in Concert Choir (the second highest choir of the school) deliver letters to people from class to class and sing songs for the special person! Its SUPER DUPER fun!!! (Besides the fact that I got sick and I have a sore throat form singing so much, but it was worth it!) So for this Valentines post, I’m gonna elaborate on my favorite song. I love a lot of songs, but this song is probably one of my top songs! It’s Count on Me by Bruno Mars.

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Hey Brother

How are you guys? : D

I want to dedicate this song and post to something that me and my friends have been working on. Me, Stephanie, Sara, and Leah are working on something called an innovation project. We looked for a need and the need we found were foster kids. We wanted to help out orphanages and raise awareness of the matter. I feel that loving and caring for kids who don’t have a family is one of the greatest things on earth. We’ve successfully contacted an orphanage and we’re planning to do some arts and crafts with them and show it to the public and community. Since my blog is about music and songs, I think I’ve chosen a great song to explain how I feel about orphaned children and how we can make their lives better!

I love the music video, lots of feels : ) Let’s figure out how this song is so touching!

[Verse 1]
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