A Whimsical Testimony

“Hello, I’m Timothy Hoang. Thank you for giving me this opportunity to share with you the story how I came to know Christ.”

And that was how I typed my testimony on baptism day. So this is going to be the start of my religious blogs? I know that I said that I’d make Christian blog posts, like, a month ago? Soooorryyyyy. (Time to make my futile excuse) It’s just that (with an overly dramatic tone), it’s hard to start a long-term habit. Starting large projects or ideas is always the difficult part because you want it to be productive and worthwhile. (I hope this excuse was believable; because it’s true, the beginning is the hardest part). So, as an introduction to Christian blogs on Second-Hand Sermons, I’ll be using the speech I wrote on baptism day, combined with my present-day terrible sense of humor! 😀 (P.S. This testimony was written on May 13th of 2012, so of course I have to tweak it a little bit). Also, if you’re not a Christian, you don’t have to read this blog post. You are given a choice whether to read on or not; I’m just putting my Christian belief on the web for people interested to read this. Alrighty then, Here we go:

“I was born into a Christian family, meaning I have been going to Church with my parents ever since I was a deformed fetus that was doomed destined to become the person I am today. Continue reading

Faith Nguyen

Disclaimer! This is not a goodbye because I’m terrible with goodbye’s. So think of these blog posts as a “thank-you-for-everything-that-you’ve-done-for-me-and-I’ll-never-forget-you” kind of thing. I will definitely see you again in the future so don’t you dare think that I’m just going to disappear from the surface of the Earth. If you want to read all the blog posts I’ve made about my “departure,” then please scroll down to “Categories” and pick “Timothy’s Letter to the Church.” This series of blog posts will be personal and only a select few will understand what I’m saying, so, sorry to those who have no clue of what I’m talking about!

Um…I’m not sure if you’ll be O.K. with me putting you on my blog and the internet in general, but what ever! 😀 Since I have a lot of people to talk about, I need to place a limit on how many words I’ll write for each person, so does a max of 800 words per person sound good? Including the “Disclaimer” that will be at the beginning and the introduction of each blog post? No? Well this is my blog so sucks for you 😛

As you can see, I’m trying to apply as much humor I can so that I’ll be able to publicly embarrass you aaaand make sure you don’t forget me. 😀 Don’t worry, I’ll save the last 100 words for a nice paragraph announcing my love for you. Let’s begin with the embarrassing moments shall we?

Ugh…its Faith…What to do with you…

  1. Well, let’s start with the most obvious embarrassment: “The Ship of Titanic.” Our parents would always force us to hold hands and sit next to each other -__- So annoying. Just because your birthday is on June 8th and mine June 10th, doesn’t  foretell that we’ll be couples in our parent’s fantasies. Although, I think it was our moms who were more for this ship. But like the Titanic, it is evident that this ship will sink. Also, I think it’s funny how our mom’s are telling us to not date until after High School even though we were forced together at age 8 and 6… motherly hypocrites x.x
  2. This one you told me multiple times: “The Angelic Voice Crack.” When we were in EBTT “Angel Alert” and you were assigned as Mary, me Joseph (fate is cruel), we had to sing a duet together. yaaaay…. Anyways, there was one part where we had to sing harmony, me lower and you higher. When we got to that part, there was a strange pitched noise that come from you when we performed in front of the ENTIRE Church. I didn’t know this, but you cried afterwards? (Sorry for laughing at your pain)
  3. Another embarrassing moment was when our song “I Knew You Were Trouble” by Taylor Swift played on the radio. My sister told me that she could hear us sing even though we were in separate rooms. Soooo awkward. This must have meant that the entire Church heard us scream the lyrics to that song.
  4. Think back to one teens retreat where we were walking in the dark. Then we encounter a gigantic moth! I was enthralled and wanted to catch it. You were just purely scared and called your mom out of the room. That was how you ended up killing that poor moth! Your mom got a piece of paper and then stomped on the innocent moth. Holding this against you!
  5. This memory I mark as one of your lowest: when Theo dissed you and called you trash. So I think we were doing something for Father’s Day one Friday night and we got into a make-fun-of-others-and-burning-war. Then it got so intense that Theo said,
    “Hey Faith, did you know that your dad was fined for littering?”
    And you replied (you shouldn’t have replied), “for what?”Theo, “For throwing you out”
    Harsh, but funny? Sorry, I’m a terrible friend. At least you won’t forget me now!?

Faith Nguyen, it is time to reconcile myself and establish that we are friends LOL, so please, if you can, disregard the 4 low moments of your life that I just told the entire world. You were and will always be my singing buddy. Whenever you started a Frozen song, I always felt the need to accompany you by singing harmony, and then Longlee ending up singing 3rd harmony. We always started a beautiful-on-the-spot cover of the nation anthem (lol not really). We’ve made so many memories together. I think we should thank our moms for BFF’s which caused us to be BFF’s. You were also so insightful and helpful. You were the one who volunteered to pray when no one else would. I’m gonna miss that awkward voice that would interrupt the serene silence and me backing you up and making the awkward situation even more awkward. You were the person to back me up when playing Killer, but I ended up killing us both for assuming the wrong person. You’re the type of person that’s indescribable through words, but through actions. I’m gonna miss your warm hugs that cheered me up. I’m gonna miss you making fun of all the female friends I made. I hope that we’ll continue to be an awkward pair in the future. I love you!

Songs I dedicate to you:

And of course I couldn’t forget this song:

Happy! :D

What makes you happy?

Well, music and drawing makes me happy! Doing what you like and love is the essence of happiness. I watched a movie called “Raising Arizona” and it’s about a very odd, but loving couple that kidnaps a baby boy. Hi, the husband who has gone to jail multiple times, is married to Ed,  the police officer who continuously captures Hi and they both fall in love. After discovering Ed was infertile, Hi and Ed were both determined to get a child by kidnapping 1 of the 5 quintuplets from a rich family. This leads to multiple, humorous problems, but Hi and Ed love each other and felt as if their lives were complete when they kidnapped Junior, the baby. Happiness is what you make it, and it can come in many different forms.

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Thanksgiving Day

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
I hope where ever you are, you have a great day. I apologize for not posting in a while — Thanksgiving break mind set. I have to post today because there’s much to be thankful for. I’m thankful for my parents, friends, and the things we take for granted that we don’t usually realize like a home and food. I’m also thankful for music. Finding a good Thanksgiving song was pretty difficult, but after searching for a while, I found an extremely good song. I hope you enjoy it and helps remind you of all the ups and even downs in life.

The lyrics and meaning are very beautiful. I especially love the chorus because each line starts with “Thank you for…” The meaning is really straightforward, but I think that’s a good thing because reveals and lists all the things in life that is wonderful. Sometimes, we need to be straightforward with things in life to make a fine line and clear up the grey areas. I know for sure that this isn’t in the grey area: what I’m thankful for.

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