Just Keep Breathing

Hello everyone!

There is one disease that everyone just hates, A LOT. Its called writer’s block. I like to call it “artist’s block” because music composers and people who draw have times with inspiration runs dry. When I get artist’s block, have the tendency to just stare. I don’t even know what I’m staring at! Getting caught in these blocks cause us to lose sight of our dreams and goals. I saw this video called “THE GAP” by Ira Glass and it really describes my condition. Please watch it then I’ll relate it to a song : )

We all have creative work and we all have high expectations of it. There will be times when you stumble upon doubt and when you feel like you just want to give up. Just remember that it’s totally normal to fall into this. I agree with Ira Glass that if you do get this feeling, just focus on what is important and work a lot. Get your mind occupied one the first step and work slow. Overtime, your project will move forward. The Gap is what Ira Glass calls our feelings of discouragement and the only way to fill in that Gap is to work hard to catch up to where you want to be. Just keep fighting to accomplish your goals, okay?

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The Climb

Hi there!
If you read this title and thought to your self, “Miley Cyrus…nope, gonna ignore this post,” or something similar to that, I would like to say that it doesn’t matter about the person who wrote it, sang it, or how popular it is. It is about the content of the song that people glaze over. The song is called “The Climb” and what I love about this song is that this is a great reminder of perseverance and inner strength.

Let’s dig out the meaning now!
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