Buzzcut Season

Hello everyone!

After the end of a great book comes another book, “All Quiet of the Western Front” by Erich Maria Remarque. This is probably one of the saddest books I’ve read. It’s about a character named Paul Baumer and his friends fighting for the German side of World War I. These men see things and do things that we would never ever could experience. They’ve been through death, tragedy, and pain. Relentless pain. It’s such a good book that shows the horrors of war. We may hear about it or learn about it in text books, but we’ll never experience the terrifying characteristics of war. That three letter word; WAR; causes so much affliction and trauma. There is a character in the book named Kantorek and he is a teacher. He tells his students the glory and honor in war and how joining the military is one of the greatest thing a man can do. But, what Kantorek doesn’t know the perspective of war from the people who are actually fighting in it. The song I’ve chosen to talk about the perspectives of war is “Buzzcut Season” by Lorde.

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Crows vs. Crops

Some may be wondering why I posted twice today. The simple reason is this: school.
First if all, if you haven’t read from my “About Me” page, me and my fellow peers are supposed to create a blog of what you like. There’s also this assignment that we have to post once a week about what we learned in class. I’ve decided to do one post a week about music and another about school. I’m not saying this is really tedious or anything. To be honest, I love my English class and I’m always excited to find out what new thing we’re going to be learning about.

As some may have guessed from my previous post “Paradise,” was school intended. I talked about a Sophocles play about Oedipus. What I learned this time was called “Crows vs. Crops.” Our class is doing an innovation project to meet the common need and make life easier and create a better community. We would come up with our idea and then enter the “Crows vs. Crops” stage. This stage was when people question your project/idea and hopefully, you’ll be able to think of things you haven’t thought of and might consider doing. The “crops” are the produce or goals that are set in your mind and the “crows” are these following questions that will help guide you. The “crows” are to pick and peck out the problems so they they can be solved.

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