Discouraging Encouragments

This usually happens to younger siblings. I’m pretty sure everyone receives this type of encouragement: it happens when another person tries to encourage you, but it makes you feel even worse. If you don’t know what I mean, I’ll explain it within two major examples.

First, don’t you find it annoying when you’re compared with someone you know that’s better than you, but rationalize by saying that person does the same things you do? I’m always compared to my other school friends who are super smart, takes 5-6 AP’s, and have 6.2 GPA’s (pretty sure I riled up those try-hards reading my blog post on how to get a 6.2 GP, no, just stop). But then, I tell my parents that they do all the same disapproving things that I do, “they procrastinate, they don’t study for tests, and they don’t sleep until 3AM and still get A’s, since they can do that, I can do that too!” (My life is a mess 😥 ) Also, I’m eldest sibling so I wouldn’t know, but I feel like lots of younger siblings are compared to older siblings a lot by their parents. It becomes so constant that even the eldest get annoyed. So yea, basically, stop using comparisons as encouragements, it doesn’t help, it just makes things even more awkward and makes you feel even worse.

Second, “if you don’t do this, you won’t go to college, then you won’t get a good-high-pay job, then you’ll end up homeless and on the streets.” This always comes up at dinner table conversations, usually started by you talking about school, and then continued by parents talking about school (which are two exact opposite things). I feel like this happens every night and my parents always tell me to “work harder!” or “do you best” and then followed by an “or else.” (So…annoying.)

So overall, the thing to take away from this lesson is avoid conversations around dinner tables. That’s probably where most of the annoying conversations start. Just stuff your mouth with tons of food and drink a large glass of water so that way you won’t have to respond to parental rhetorical questions.

Thanks for reading!

Ok fine, a real life tip. Ummm, don’t let other people discourage you and continue doing what makes you happy. You’ll make decisions in your life that you’ll regret, but think of each failure and disappointment as steps that’ll bring you closer to the balcony of triumph.


Hi everyone!

I have a big problem at the moment. I’m currently at the library because the internet at my house STOPPED WORKING! I feel so deprived…I can’t check my homework…I can’t go on Facebook…I CAN’T BLOG! So here I am in the library at around 5PM, trying to get this blog post done.

Anyways, like I said before, I’m currently reading “The Count of Monte Cristo” by Alexandre Dumas. I know I’ve said many books are good in the past and what not, but this one is the real deal. According to my English teacher, even the seniors says that “The Count of Monte Cristo” was their favorite book; even though they read this book at a sophomore. Edmond Dantes, our main character, was betrayed but had made a full recovery from the back-stab and he is ready for action! He is disguising himself as, as you may guess, The Count of Monte Cristo. The new Count has come back with plans of revenge and has the wealth from his buried treasure to fund it all. I think a song should be used to congratulate Dantes/The Count for his come back…how about Secrets by One Republic?

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