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Remember the blog post I did a few months back about Orphans and What If projects? And I applied the song “Hey Brother” by Avicii? If not, I’ll provide a short summary in this post, but you should check out the older post! If so, then here’s a part twooo!!!

In English class, actually, not English class, but its a humanities class. We do read books and discuss about them and write essays, but my teacher applies books in a way to benefit life and make our lives more worth living. This year, he decided to try something new which is the What If or DIY project. We were separated into groups of our pick and my group consisting of other bloggers decided to raise the awareness of orphans!  This is our contact information:

Our group decided that we should create a Facebook page in order to promote awareness among the teenagers about orphans. What we thought of was: what is the best way to catch a teenager’s attention? Phones, Smartphones. Who created them? Steve Jobs! Know what else? He was an orphan as well.

 We’re not that good with technology and editing, but we tried! This is our video with information of Steve Jobs. Please try to share this video if possible. Since this is also a music blog, I found something really awesome on YouTube called “Thank You, Steve.” It’s an amazing remixed tune that is made with ONLY SOUNDS FROM APPLE PRODUCTS and excerpts from his speeches! You should definitely listen to it and Steve’s inspirational quotes!

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Hey Brother

How are you guys? : D

I want to dedicate this song and post to something that me and my friends have been working on. Me, Stephanie, Sara, and Leah are working on something called an innovation project. We looked for a need and the need we found were foster kids. We wanted to help out orphanages and raise awareness of the matter. I feel that loving and caring for kids who don’t have a family is one of the greatest things on earth. We’ve successfully contacted an orphanage and we’re planning to do some arts and crafts with them and show it to the public and community. Since my blog is about music and songs, I think I’ve chosen a great song to explain how I feel about orphaned children and how we can make their lives better!

I love the music video, lots of feels : ) Let’s figure out how this song is so touching!

[Verse 1]
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