Who Says


Society is manipulated all day, every day. The people around us affect how we act and we do that to others without knowing. When I was younger, I remember I was taught in school not to “fall into peer pressure.” Now as I’m a little bit more mature than my 8 year-old self, I think getting affected by peer pressure is inevitable because I think there are 3 types of peer pressure. 1. The “Bad Peer Pressure” is the most famous one which is seen as friends egging you on to drugs or something else illegal. 2. The “Good Peer Pressure” is sometimes overlooked by parents and teachers. Good peer pressure can be seen where one person says “thank you” and causes a chain reaction within the friends to create an over lapping sea of “thank you’s.” 3. This one I made up, the “Perplexing Peer Pressure.” I wanted to use the word “strange or weird,” but it didn’t have a ring to it. So, using thesaurus.com, I came across the word “perplexing” and ta-da, we have the PPP. Examples of PPP in life can be friends causing to say certain things you wouldn’t usually say like “omg yeshhhh” or “totes” or how about “hellur!” Or tends can fall under the PPP.

Since my introduction is going to be a little bit long, here’s the song for you to enjoy, “Who Says” by Selena Gomez:

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The A Team

Hello everyone  : )

This post is going to be a little different then my past posts. I’m going to try a realistic view on Earth and one of the problems that need to be fixed. I think that blog posts should have uplifting thoughts and morals, but since life isn’t perfect, there should be some to explain problems in the world that are difficult to control. “The A Team” by Ed Sheeran really dictates what I’m talking about. Please enjoy the song and keep an open and clear mind.

I hope this song gave you a small glimpse of hope and a realization of change that’s need to make a more loving community. Since this post is going to be a little different, I’m going to try a different format of my posts. I think this new format of my posts will improve my writing. Well, here goes.

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