Ethan Nguyen

Disclaimer! This is not a goodbye because I’m terrible with goodbye’s. So think of these blog posts as a “thank-you-for-everything-that-you’ve-done-for-me-and-I’ll-never-forget-you” kind of thing. I will definitely see you again in the future so don’t you dare think that I’m just going to disappear from the surface of the Earth. If you want to read all the blog posts I’ve made about my “departure,” then please scroll down to “Categories” and pick “Timothy’s Letter to the Church.” This series of blog posts will be personal and only a select few will understand what I’m saying, so, sorry to those who have no clue of what I’m talking about!

Um…I’m not sure if you’ll be O.K. with me putting you on my blog and the internet in general, but what ever! 😀 Since I have a lot of people to talk about, I need to place a limit on how many words I’ll write for each person, so does a max of 800 words per person sound good? Including the “Disclaimer” that will be at the beginning and the introduction of each blog post? No? Well this is my blog so sucks for you 😛

As you can see, I’m trying to apply as much humor I can so that I’ll be able to publicly embarrass you aaaand make sure you don’t forget me. 😀 Don’t worry, I’ll save the last 100 words for a nice paragraph announcing my love for you. Let’s begin with the embarrassing moments shall we?

  1. I’m pretty sure you don’t remember this because we were like, reeaaaallly small, maybe 3rd graders. But we were helping out for EBTT Christmas and the teacher said we needed sparkles. So me and you ran into the supply room and opened the cabinet to get the sparkles. We were both too short to reach it, but you volunteered to get the sparkles. Unfortunately, what we didn’t know was that the sparkles were still open (I think this was for the Angel Alert Play?). So the box of sparkles rain down to the ground. A brief glance at each other, then we were quickly on the ground trying to scoop as many sparkles we can back into the box.
  2. Um…the time I didn’t know you had surgery… I’M SO SORRY! After sleeping over at Longlee’s house, I didn’t realize that a cat had scratched your neck and it started swelling. And I didn’t notice anything until I saw the large tape on your neck and telling me that you had surgery. The worst part of all of this is my oblivion to everything that had happened to you (I’m such a terrible friend…)
  3. This event involved me crying (with actual tears) and yelling out “PRICELESS!” sooo many times. I think I’ll name this event the “Priceless Pantsing” So we (us freshmen and the 8th graders) slept over at your house and we were getting read for bed. I think this was for a birthday party sleep over for you and Hope. Well anyways, we all had our socks and and decided to gracefully slide across the room. All that grace ended when your shorts fell down and gave everyone a wonderful display of your underwear. Omg….soooooo priceless.

Ethan Nguyen, you are a person that anyone can depend on. You were the first person I told about my YouTuber dream and wanting to share my ideas and God with the world. You were one of the first supporters and subscribers of my blog. You were always the one I could trust my secrets with. You have always been one of my greatest friends I could talk to and know I’d get your support. Another thing I loved about you: you’re always head strong and stubborn (in a good and confident way). When you wanted to sleep over at Longlee’s house, but I thought that you were allergic to cats and wouldn’t let you. But you were adamant that you weren’t and it was just the cat’s claw that was dirty. Whenever we’d play video games, you were the one who choose the tank to go to the front line and take all the damage. You are brave and strong, which reflected on both your actions and how you play video games.  A trait that I’ve always admired of you is your persistence. You’ve told me about how you’re going to get better at something and you always come through.  I know for a fact that your will-power is by far, the strongest I’ve seen out of most of my friends. Thank you so much for being my friend always being part of my second family. Even though you weren’t physically there to see my departure, you were still  there in a part of my heart. I love you!

Songs to dedicate to you…hmm. I know fo sho that you love electronic music and remixes. So I looked at your Spotify for your old favorites, how about these two?:

I won’t ever forget you Ethan!

Gonna Fly


Has anyone heard of the cliche “Never giving up?” Or something close to that? Well, some people may think cliches are boring and too straight forward to take seriously, but I think that they are the gates to human truth. To “never give up” requires confidence, dedication, and positivity. I mean, who doesn’t want any of these? In class we watch a classic movie called “Rocky” which is about wrestling. I personally don’t like wrestling because of the violence and the blood, but you really got to admire the dedication that wrestlers have to put into their career, no, hobby. They are passionate about winning and fighting. Here’s the song that I’ve chosen for this blog and it came straight from the movie “Rocky,” “Gonna Fly” or also called “Rocky’s Theme.”

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Part of Me

The cycle of books comes and goes in an English class, each one filled with a different story, perspective, and world to dive in. The memories and horrors of war from “All Quiet on the Western Front” drifts away and another time period has begun with revenge, love, jealousy, and strength from “The Count of Monte Cristo” by Alexandre Dumas. I’m already one chapter in and there is already drama sneaking around from every corner. During the reign of Napoleon of France, a young had the perfect life until what I like to call “The Back Stab” happened. Think of it like this: You are a 19 year old and you just got a new car, became the boss of the job of your dreams, about to get married, and about to see your father who you haven’t seen for so many years. Sounds good right? Well, during the wedding, the FBI rushes into the room right before you can say “I do,” then they whisk you away to a prison on an island in the middle of some ocean. Edmond Dantes, the main character of “The Count of Monte Cristo,” had to experience EVERY SINGLE BIT of that. You can’t even imagine the suffering he had to go through. But there is a part of him that will never be taken away from him: his determination.

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Just Keep Breathing

Hello everyone!

There is one disease that everyone just hates, A LOT. Its called writer’s block. I like to call it “artist’s block” because music composers and people who draw have times with inspiration runs dry. When I get artist’s block, have the tendency to just stare. I don’t even know what I’m staring at! Getting caught in these blocks cause us to lose sight of our dreams and goals. I saw this video called “THE GAP” by Ira Glass and it really describes my condition. Please watch it then I’ll relate it to a song : )

We all have creative work and we all have high expectations of it. There will be times when you stumble upon doubt and when you feel like you just want to give up. Just remember that it’s totally normal to fall into this. I agree with Ira Glass that if you do get this feeling, just focus on what is important and work a lot. Get your mind occupied one the first step and work slow. Overtime, your project will move forward. The Gap is what Ira Glass calls our feelings of discouragement and the only way to fill in that Gap is to work hard to catch up to where you want to be. Just keep fighting to accomplish your goals, okay?

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Hello everyone!

I really love this book, “A Tale of Two Cities” by Charles Dickens. There are so many twists to the plot. One of the main characters that impacts the entire French Revolution is Madame Therese Defarge. SPOILER ALERT! If you haven’t read this book yet, I’m going to be revealing a lot of info and if you don’t like spoilers, just read the book : D! Anyways, Madame Defarge’s history is extremely terrible and intense. Madame Defarge is related to the Fates from Greek Mythology because she is always knitting and she records people’s names while she knits. At first, she may seem like the devil who just loves killing and destroying everything. My entire class, including myself, thought that she was a crazy lunatic who just murders everyone she hates, specifically the upper class aristocracy. Later on in the story, her reasons for her anger and massacring actions are revealed. When Doctor Alexandre Manette was younger, he experienced something he will never forget and wrote a journal to document it. While Dr. Manette was walking down the road, he was met by two gentlemen rushing down the road in a carriage. They asked him to check up on other two people and they rushed into a mansion. The first person Dr. Manette was asked to cure was a young lady with a very high fever and wouldn’t stop shrieking and crying. The young lady, who was once very beautiful and was not much past her twenties, had her arms bound to her sides with male clothing and kept wildly repeating, “My husband, my father, and my brother!” Then she counted up to twelve and said, “Hush!” Dr. Manette gave the lady some medicine and calmed her down a little bit. The two gentlemen who picked up Dr. Manette brought him to their next patient, a handsome peasant boy who was around seventeen years old. The resilient boy had a sword-thrust around his heart and was beyond saving. With his life ebbing away, the teenager tells Dr. Manette that the screeching lady was his sister and she was betrothed a good young man. According to the dying boy, his sister got married to the man, but the good man had an extremely detestable brother who admired the wife’s beauty. The evil brother kidnapped the young lady and raped her for his own pleasure and diversion. When the young lady’s father (it would really be helpful if I knew their names Mr. Charles Dickens -_-) heard about his daughter getting raped, his heart burst and was gone. The seventeen year old boy sneaked into the house and tried to kill the man who had raped his sister, but all he earned was a stab near his heart. After the boy died, telling his story to Dr. Manette, Dr. Manette returned to the raped sister who wouldn’t stop screaming and stayed with her for many hours. Once the sister had past away, the people of the mansion wanted to pay Dr. Manette for his services, but he rejected the gold offer. When Dr. Manette returned home, he was met by the wife of the Marquis St. Evremonde, who was guilty of her husband’s actions (killing the teenager and raping his sister) and wanted to take in the second sister, only to find that the second sister was missing or had fled to survive. This younger sister of the raped lady and stabbed teenage boy, was Madame Therese Defarge. Wow…that was a long summary of that section of the book. Now that you know the basics behind the French Revolution and Madame Defarge’s reasons, I will get on with relating this subject to this song: Roar by Katy Perry!

I love both the music video and it’s lyrics a lot! xD Alrighty then, let’s get down to business (To fight…the NOBLES)!

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The Climb

Hi there!
If you read this title and thought to your self, “Miley Cyrus…nope, gonna ignore this post,” or something similar to that, I would like to say that it doesn’t matter about the person who wrote it, sang it, or how popular it is. It is about the content of the song that people glaze over. The song is called “The Climb” and what I love about this song is that this is a great reminder of perseverance and inner strength.

Let’s dig out the meaning now!
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