A Whimsical Testimony

“Hello, I’m Timothy Hoang. Thank you for giving me this opportunity to share with you the story how I came to know Christ.”

And that was how I typed my testimony on baptism day. So this is going to be the start of my religious blogs? I know that I said that I’d make Christian blog posts, like, a month ago? Soooorryyyyy. (Time to make my futile excuse) It’s just that (with an overly dramatic tone), it’s hard to start a long-term habit. Starting large projects or ideas is always the difficult part because you want it to be productive and worthwhile. (I hope this excuse was believable; because it’s true, the beginning is the hardest part). So, as an introduction to Christian blogs on Second-Hand Sermons, I’ll be using the speech I wrote on baptism day, combined with my present-day terrible sense of humor! 😀 (P.S. This testimony was written on May 13th of 2012, so of course I have to tweak it a little bit). Also, if you’re not a Christian, you don’t have to read this blog post. You are given a choice whether to read on or not; I’m just putting my Christian belief on the web for people interested to read this. Alrighty then, Here we go:

“I was born into a Christian family, meaning I have been going to Church with my parents ever since I was a deformed fetus that was doomed destined to become the person I am today. Continue reading