Scarecrow Costume Tutorial

Happy Halloweeeeeeeeeeeeeennnnnnn!

This is probably one of my favorite and stressful days of the year 😀 I love to see the creativity of other people’s costumes. This is a great day to be with your friends, go trick or treating, and be your childish, silly self. This day is also fairly stressful because of costume choices. I had planned out my costume since Halloween of 2013, but my diligence kind of died November of 2013 and I had to rush a costume on October 30th. Oops? And this year, I decided to be (drumroll) a scarecrow!!!

Yes, yes I know – so original.

And you can probably tell from the title of this blog that the tutorial will start….NOW!

This is what it looks like with all the pieces of the costume:


I just realized that I took the picture at a slant and now it looks like I have a tiny upper body and freakishly large legs (this blog is already failing…)

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The Adolescent Search for Immortality

Hello everyone!

Today I want to talk about one of the largest pet peeves of a teenager:

accepting help or advice from another person.
(For the parents that are reading this from a 16 year-old’s point of view, I hope you enjoy reading about our daily toils…)

[Raises hand] Okay, I admit that I have rejected my parent’s assistance countless numbers of times. It’s just that I hate it when they nag about the same thing about 50 times within the past minute. One of the things that I consider an enemy that must be vanquished in the morning is the sound of my alarm clock ringing, waking me up to get ready for my 0 period class. My parents are like my alarm clock: constant and relentless. The 2 things that make them different from an alarm clock is 1. they are living beings (which is just terrible because it means they are a mobile alarm clock) and 2. they won’t turn off and if you try to turn them off, you are going to receive a lecture on attitude and ungratefulness.

[insert annoying alarm beep here]

[insert annoying alarm beep here]

The worst part of ignoring an alarm clock is that you are late to class and you have to walk to the office to get a “Late Pass” to give to the teachers as penance for being absent from the class for the first few minutes. Same goes for parents: once a teenager ignores their suggestions, we regret it immediately for not listening to them. Here’s what I mean:

Mother: Timmy, don’t forget to bring your jacket! It’s gonna be cold today.

Me: (Looks out the window) It’s only a little cloudy. This is California weather, it’s just gonna clear up and become sunny in the afternoon.

A typical cold and cloudy mo(u)rning.

A typical cold and cloudy mo(u)rning.

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